Returned goods and refunds

Only within two days from the delivery you can ask for a refund to Amica Moda if the items you have received are not the same you have ordered or if they are damaged or defective.

For the refund you need to contact Amica Moda by email info@amicamoda.,it or by Fax +39 030 3540929.

You need to specify which items will be returned, the purchase date and the re-crediting methods you’ve chosen.

The shipping cost will be charged to the customer and through the courier that Amica Moda will choose.

The shipping cost will be deducted from the payment for the cancellation of the returned goods.

The item with everything originally contained must be packed with the original cardboards to be protected from damage and sent to Amica Moda.

We don’t accept any refund or returned products requests over two days from delivery.

Amica Moda will make the refund by bank transfer or by credit card transfer within 10 business days from the receipt of the items.